Saturday, May 18, 2024

Slovakian Robert Fico case well demonstrates what Slovakian police referred to "saving me" operation while Slovenian insisted would e used to get me killed an

a psychiatric dramatic psychopathic MK Ultra background awareness in which all sorts of issues such as save you and kill you were/are used to confuse/dement/ anxietise/ intimidate targeted victim - play down his right to self awareness(demand for pursue criminals accordingly) through state staged terror 

Slovenian Extermination procedure was a market of violence for which those who committed most of the crime were certain will solve one - Serbs, Russians, Slovaks felt were quarterly the only one certified from Slavic group to solve one due to German and even French(certain people bagged Macron to allow them to solve case as if I was or am French) support for organised violence ORDER.

It is important to understand the background of it all. 
Video can be also seen at

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