Thursday, May 23, 2024

Ireland, Norway, and Spain recognized whatever is still left of the Palestinian state which came under British occupation in 1920

and joined most of the world which already recognized Palestine as a
Norway, Spain , and Ireland NOW joined Sweden, China, India, Iceland, Brasil, Mexico, and numerous other countries which already recognized Palestinian state/nation. 

Perhaps interesting to note is that ex British Burma(today known as Myanmar) and African Cameroon still wouldn't recognize Palestine...few ex colonies appear still adhere to old colonial times. Rather a bizarre issue. Slovenia and Croatia also next to ex colonizer states as the very same weird odd pro Gaza genocide countries...lets just hope they all sober up and for those who do not want to sober up and are missing chain around their necks, a punishment equal to the one in Gaza.

British Mandate of Palestine

Pontifical Biblical Institute near King David Hotel

Under British rule, the history of Palestine witnessed significant political, social, and economic transformations.[67] The British Mandate for Palestine began in 1920 after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.[67] The mandate was established under the League of Nations, with the objective of facilitating the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine while protecting the rights of the Arab population.[67]

During the initial years of the mandate, tensions between Jewish and Arab communities emerged. The British faced challenges in balancing the interests and demands of both groups. In 1936, a widespread Arab revolt erupted, demanding an end to Jewish immigration and land sales to Jewish settlers. The revolt was eventually suppressed by the British, leading to increased restrictions on both Arab and Jewish activities. As Jewish immigration continued, especially in the years leading up to and following World War II, the Zionist movement gained momentum. Jewish settlements expanded, and tensions between Jewish and Arab communities escalated. The White Paper was released by the British government, which rejected Peel Commission and proposed a unified Palestine as future country for both Arabs and Jews.[67] As a response and acceptance by Arabs, revolt was ceased.[67] However, the Zionist entity refused to accept the plan and started protesting against the White Paper.[67] Military groups such as IrgunStern Gang and Haganah, started preparing for terror attacks.[68] These includes King David Hotel bombingDeir Yassin massacre and Haifa Oil Refinery massacre.[69] Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir were behind these attacks, who later became political leader of future Israel.[70][71] The British struggled to maintain control and peace, and in 1947, they decided to withdraw from Palestine.

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