Friday, May 17, 2024

Palmer Luckey was the one who negotiated AI tools with Putin, but it was his ex classmate who came to Russia to complete sale

Sale of the AI related tools to Russia commenced by US in 2010. Palmer Luckey(involved in MK Ultra and affiliated with Biden) should me more upfront about AI tools. I was to keep my mouths shut and conclusion was that Russia doesn't have what it takes is what they claimed(how they went to Russia only to see what Russia has - but sale lasted a bit too long or at least till 2017 what rather suggests that all utin needs is to collect few scraps/(samples to release Western technology assembled who know where - there were factories I even heard in China which manufactured for Russia as if Russian made), but time will demonstrate. Biden didn't want me to mention a thing about AI and Russia 

Biden went on to suggest with Germans war would end if they find Russians using AI because that it would be too much and that with AI it is everything different difficult to fight...this kids that traveled to Russia had powerful people behind with whom they communicated from Russia with laptops. Bizarrely demonstrated me how its done as US Government searched for ways to make money through extremely unlikely sources also such as were students and private defense companies. Russians made contact with all sorts of people through Illuminati meetings and once contact was made, certain issues were brokered through private side channels. Had people like Ted Cruise and Rand Paul meeting face to face with young kids for whom they asked other participants about what they are up to after they already met - to cover up government with private sector as all was recorded, but they all worked together.

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