Thursday, May 30, 2024

General hospital Novo mesto was involved in torture since my childhood

Torture at the hospital didn't restrict itself to MK Ultra drugs and terror, but also physical part during which once surgery of pharynx at age 9, feeding tubes were repeatedly inserted in my throat area - tubes were then used to scratch my throat which was totally dehydrated. After surgery took place by Galac at age 9/10, they continue to deliver me back during summer vacations during MK Ultra to reduce number of days spent under vacation and have substituted them with extreme form of torture. This is how life was at Osnovna Šola Grm. They wanted as much pathos as possible.

Same type of torture went on at emergency department even once I became adult and where during MK Ultra sessions, they had me at emergency in rooms - not only home for elderly and area reserved for patients in the rear of general hospital, but also at emergency department. ANIMALS INDEED 

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