Monday, May 13, 2024

US GOVERNMENT USED ME FOR THEFT OF RANCHES: Texas government have used me to kick family out of the door from ranch - some guy with extra kg from city claimed me it was nothing with them in 6th grade grammar school

For complete robbery, Bush most likely used a family in between original robbery

Its appears not only family didn't receive and government help, but that I was used to vindicate robbery. Its questionable if they ever got paid dime for the loss of what became George Bush's ranch 
George cried to me afterwards he paid them money took care them I cite, "after he learned about osses I cauaed in area"(there was more than just this theft that took place - US Government used me for several thefts and was paying Slovenian side a money for it - prior to every trip Slovenian side made hijacking to Texas, I was prompted with I words I cite, "we have another one" - thefts of Texas ranches commenced at my age 4), but this is not how I see it as. Family who was there did some rough stuff on me for Gregor Golobič/Pahor and other see on how its done in Amerrikkkaaa and that was it for family. We cursed one another for goodbye. Americans used MK Ultra crime to corrupt entire eastern European privileged "communist" elite future capitalists.

There was time George W. Bush demanded from when I was child to become a rancher how thats best etc., such was not my mindset as a child. He then concluded with his boys that I am mentally retarded for declining to become a rancher and decide will get me destroyed as such. Probably even 4th grade at my age 10.

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