Sunday, May 19, 2024

US had to raise taxes on China because of its American taxpayers money which goes to waste in Ukraine due to Russo Chinese trade which allows Russia to continue its aggression on Ukraine

If I were Xi Jinping, I wouldn't wait for Putin, but would instead seat on the plane and visit
Ukraine to ensure war comes to an end as fast as possible and relations between the two countries expand during critical times. China is a sovereign nation which is trying to take lead also at UN and should as such also act as such rather than wait for instructions from Russian regulators for whom they know very well are at fault in Ukraine. Crucial to Chinese survival are Chinese trade with the West and a positive image at UN through which China must assert its global influence with other prosperity peace oriented countries - OR FAIL INDEFINITELY. 

It could well be Europe will follow American example if China doesn't condemn Russian aggression on time. American and European taxpayers 100% will not finance war against themselves. West should offer China a contract which would expand beyond possible Russian sanctions against China if one is to take complete side against war in Ukraine and assist one with oil trade and other issues which China depends on Russia to make potential Chinese transition from Russia as much as possible. Ukraine will not surrender its borders and NATO would be insane if one would give in the type of Kremlin's politic we see today in 2024 Russia is trying to assert one and that takes us to another level of military conflict which is a great possibility of conflict expansion even into greater Asian area. RUSSIA MUST BE STOPPED AND THE SOONER THE HEALTHIER FOR ENTIRE WORLD. There is no nice and bad guy when picture is crystal clear about what is to expect to develop as next  if Russia is not stopped. Russia should understand that its compromise never ever for as long world will exist will become acceptable in absolutely any way and as such as no prospect in modern world.

Its not about whether China will or will not become Russian enemy, but Chinese sovereignty. The Chinese right to declare Russian side the obvious and I call for India to act in exactly same way. The right and the duty to declare its views per UN peace treaty charter.

Russian invasion lasts for already well over two years and is not about to come to an end at any time soon - or at least till it gains its national sovereignty according to borders prior to 2014. It exhausted the world not only Ukraine for world must not allow itself to get exhausted for the sake of Russian aggressor.

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