Friday, May 17, 2024

The shooter of Slovakian Fico is a tall slender guy(he was in 2014) who also has a son or perhaps even two

His son with whom I had to attend school, did go to some technical institute. Shooter is dark haired tall slender guy with whom I have also attended his college. Entire family was involved in MK Ultra for a very very long time with parents of shooter included. They claimed me its not Serbs related shooting, but probably was/is as Serbs displayed during MK Ultra immense hostility toward anyone who dared to approach me or see himself in me in any way. Family lives in the apartment building - at least used to  live in apartment building written on My 17th, 2024 before I have even seen a photo of shooter or his family. Fico already spent a lots of time in some health spa in Slovakia and suggested me that shooting incident  will be his final goodbye from public life. I hated one relating himself to British prince Charles(and thats what angered me) who inquired about crime to remain under the surface and who prided himself with as he suggested me few other crimes that would add obviously what one anticipated - end of my life via psychiatry. Its 1353 hours as I completed as seen above 

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