Wednesday, May 29, 2024

@China in respect to Taiwan - most powerful weapon in the world(much better than anything in US or EU arsenal) is friendship

Thats the one that pushes away and far off continent all the military ships, submarines etc. That is the most dangerous deadliest weapon of them all and contrary brings one right at the doors. One thing is to unify people and another is to repeat mistake from 1954. One thing is to unify people and another thing is to go after territorial gains. Taiwan is financially being well taken care off(no poverty or threat of extinction to locals exists), so I don't see needs for repeated mistake which will set two countries with same human DNA far far apart from one another. Don't go for Putin's mistake which might end up leaving you broke for good. Go for bridge of friendship toward Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America as you have demonstrated already can be done and the rest will take care itself on its own. If you go for Taiwan, you will never ever get past Philippines AGAIN in case you somehow manage to survive when in reality none of your neighbors is crazy about American/NATO military presence anywhere in region - why !!????

The way world sees whole thing is first Taiwan, second Philippines or someone else in region and so on and so forth. Its also a serious violation of peace treaties/UN charters. It is just something that SOME WHO ARE LOCATED ON BALKANS AND HAVE ALLWAYS STRIVE TOWARD WAR TOGETHER WITH RUSSIA WANT YOU TO DO SO THEY ALONE DON'T LOOK INSANE AS THEY SHOULD - but this is their politics and don't let their politic to become your grave and with you EVERYONE'S GRAVE 

World needs you and will not make it without you

Time to get rid off Soviet mentality and continue with bridge of friendship which lifted you up and always was part of you.

Demand for demilitarization of islands near Chinese mainland yes - war with Taiwan NO. There really shouldn't be any foreign military vessels crossing Taiwan strait...I personally would prefer for you to unify with Thailand and so would the rest of the world, but with a weaponry rattling not. People are more important than land in today's world - world value more human lives than conflicts. There is no greater crime than the one when country which claims to have same human DNA engages in war crimes against greater crime than labeling one as mentally ill knowing he is not to hide own illness...Russia/Serbia both are from another planet/universe. Ukraine is closer much closer to your views on world that Russia and so are others in area.

Nobody wants your Taiwan. People would prefer you have one, but with mutual interest not bullets. They are doing financially well and you both used to trade with one another as well. If Taiwan would loose its status, its foreign trade status also no longer would exist...there sure must be something better to do than hype Taiwan with military drills. Poor people

I think you are extremely lucky to be neighbors with South Korea and Japan - two of the most developed countries in the world that did delivered to you anywhere from financial to technology goodies to China. Better than if you had another two impoverished countries as your neighbors no !!???

Probably not Moscow - but you in China 100%. I am glad to have intervened. Let Putin solve his own problems with Vućić...

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