Saturday, May 25, 2024

Battery attack which took place, took place against me on Behalf of British royals - prince William took latest initiative to present issue as

It is bad I as I fight likely with a fully blown cancer on the right side of the neck/face/ jaw area during last month. This photo was to serve to remind me that main partner of Milan Kučan in Slovenia are British royals. Too late for me is what William claimed is when I see this photo...

Crime was engineered in a very complex way and I failed to explain the whole thing about how it was done, but whole thing was 1000x times more violent. So violent that I didn't dare to even try to analyse what exactly was done to me. I need to get to police first and do police report to complete complain as I live with an individual that is by far worse the Joseph Fritzl - its my mother. It not easy like this with 4 hours of sleep per day and cancer.

At times, I begun to experience dizziness what also suggest as they suggested me the possibility of tumor in my head - if veins in my right side aren't obstructing blood flow. Bu here is what it came to and scumbag as seen bellow almost got it right - entire thing

I am now in problems because of not posting online mothers' abusive behavior toward me - i trouble because she have stolen battery from the car without informing about its whereabouts and for declining to engage with her in arguments about where battery disappeared and why for several months - and this was the plan engineered by police.

Mother psychologically assaulted me upon my return from Poland for simply cleaning garden, cleaning garage, assaulted me for whatever I tried to do my self that pertained to garden. Repeatedly played with windshield wipers, frequently played with car rugs on drivers side setting dangerous situations to degree I refused to clean car or even use proper rugs as police guaranteed me case will be...there was nowhere to escape her violence as facing with one would land me in jail. The two things I didn't try with her, use of physical violence and/or to report her to police. After I reported mother to police for physical violence on me in 2007, it was police that just as in the case of car parts theft went after me.

Imagine to clean garden all day long(something that will leave you even with the left foot crippled -bank of the river) and have your mamma at 22.00 hours snick on you from behind and begun to assault you with names calling, use profanities on you - it was like this my entire life for all I could move away from her so she could pose outside of the house as the one who does everything. With cancer as such, I hope I even make it. Priceless but totally

schizophrenic facial expression of prince William imitating Russians involved in MK Ultra.

Car battery was stolen from fathers car by my mother who didn't inform me anything about where how when 8 months ago. I didn't bother to ask due to above mentioned issues. Then mother informed me some 6 months ago that niece's husband will come to pick up batteries and he never did. In late February this year I took mother for a pickup of wild garlic to make her cheered as she acted depressed(I contrary to her always was doing my best to cheer her and father up what they have used to intensify violence against me) and asked her on opportunity where my car battery is - then I took battery back to the area where my Citroen car was which is locked in the cold and moldy garage - area deadly for my health problems to play around with in one - area which I only enter whenever I check on the car and I forgot I took the battery back where I brought one from to keep one alive. I really shouldn't even take battery back as one occasionally needs to be juiced but out of frustrations I did police knew case would be. And there you have the incident with a battery with which police played during MK Ultra and for which I assumed was mine. Incident during which, however, battery AGAIN went missing also from my garage after I checked one same day during incident.

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