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Chinese EV called the Seagull from BYD seems is the best car in the world in value to price ratio - with super taxation of one, US admits total technological defeat when compared to China

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American cars cost as much as three times as Chinese made, not to mention European brands. Well, people regardless of their location as long as outside of the US and EU now do have a chance to buy well built and for cost of few times less - made in China. Now China is the one making it possible for anyone anywhere in the world with costs for which Americans claim are impossible to beat 

I heard, Chinese also make beautiful females for regular Aliexpress/Alibaba buyers 😂😄 

Stay good wherever you are and perhaps Santa will deliver you BYD at your front door or travel to Cuba and smuggle one to US.

How much does it cost to import a car from Cuba to the USA?
Pay duty fees: According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, current rates are 2.5% of the purchase price for automobiles, free or 2.4% for motorcycles, and 25% for trucks. Take possession of your car: You must be present or hire a customs broker to sign for your car when it arrives.

Hyundai and Kia models dominated the list of most stolen vehicles in 2023, with the Hyundai Elantra and Sonata taking the top two spots and the Kia Optima in third place

I hope you watching my program made you CLEARLY understand about what goes on - manufacturers won't manufacture not even car security features to protect car owners from police and Biden won't come at your rescue on that one....there is one thing great about Tesla - cameras which police also fears(police fears the most cameras - you can pay for house security all you want, but without cameras you will get call to your work before you know - worse than any GPS tracking - the biggest enemy of the police). Lets hope China comes with solution 

They standardize/regulate everything except car security. Emission, safety etc., but nooo security.

23 Oct 2023 — All of Tesla's vehicles have topped the list of least stolen vehicles in the US, thanks to having GPS tracking as a standard feature.
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