Wednesday, May 15, 2024

MK ULTRA A REAL HISTORY of French Foreign legion in Djabuti

A guy from village is about 2 years older than myself. His neighbor is a sister while he
remained in fathers' house with wife. Home field where they grow is about 10m x 5m, but they do have a second field in area which is 30m x 20m not too far from house toward end of the village unless they sold one.

Ohhh, the guys who drilled me at age 6 at the mention location told me that he will make me famous big, but only twice when I really(in reality) wanted a cake or ice cream and didn't give f*** about fame. Its not that I wanted home, but just understand what he wanted from me...I also didn't care about being famous unless they begun to explain me whats like etc. to be famous. He wasn't that tall, so I probably really could be that kid given that he is 6 years of age while standing next to legionnaire as was the case long long before legion arrived in 1978. Ask him if he is still alive and if not I hope his soul is at the good place. The main guy once they established themselves in charged of operations with whom I traveled was a French white guy. He was a tall and slender individual - perhaps 190cm and engineer by profession. He was second in command at French foreign legion beginning 1986 after he got promoted. There were few of them, but he was "nicest"(smart ass). They did dressed me like the kid you see on the picture for whatever reason. The thing is that my life were pants jeans and snickers - that probably was the harshest punishment because I didn't affiliate with kids who wore such poor clothing and what consequently delivered as a result goodies to local kids and who, however, had to retaliate against me afterwards by destroying me pants etc. - entire clothing during MK Ultra and made me even stink etc. As I stated, British king Charles is a one of a king NOBODY. Mentally ill at most and so is his brother Andrew.

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