Tuesday, May 21, 2024

@Ukraine elections wise - keep Zelensky

At least you can AND YOU MUST keep one accountable. Changing Zelensky at this point specially due to what Zelensky alone have stated as seen bellow will only make things easy for those who delayed assistance to cover up for the past and/or to set a new standards for abuse of military assistance in coming future. 

Any new individual as a head of the state erases traces of the past and sets a possibility for new assistance abuse....KEEP ZELENSKY

There was a lot of stuff Zelensky have failed to do(he was far to pleased with way too little giving abusers of military assistance greater degree for more abuse and certain military operations have had as a result of the failure troops suffer losses like the one in Mariupol for example that never should have taken place), but he at least did followed Western instructions to the last detail and what consequently didn't void Western warranty in respect to responsibility for future and past military assistance to Ukraine. Very very important factors to consider.

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