Saturday, May 11, 2024

Opel Astra parked at the police station with German license plate belonged to lady who lived in Germany, but reported in 2002 a case of domestic violence to police concerning her elderly father who might

have been subjected to one from side of her sister or whatever. She participated in MK Ultra and wanted

to be identified. Is a Slovenian native who likely worked in Germany and who also moved to Slovenia most likely in 2014. She reported back to police which it appeared to me didn't file case of domestic charges against whomever with police director Ogulin explaining her how such reports don't help anyone in any way. Police not only have rescheduled date of the original incident, but possibly even changed nature of her future visit to police to match exactly today's day. I will use mentioned if absolutely positive about it, but not otherwise. I was not in mood for interviews when existing police station where I took report earlier today concerning attempted escalation of violence via attempted car battery theft. Picture is symbolic with three license plate numbers/letters hidden.

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