Sunday, May 26, 2024

A potential Chinese invasion of Taiwan is in my opinion unnecessary and at the very very wrong time - it could end with a total destruction of China(annihilation)

I find it strange even bizarre that US/NATO still wouldn't send to Ukraine a technology needed to repel Russians behind their borders and such cluster could be a strong BUT very wrong/misleading
and deliberate signal of Western weakness to China - which could as a result of misinterpretation of war in Ukraine do China something very very stupid at the very wrong wrong time - during Russian invasion on Ukraine and what would immediately classify China into the same category probably is when NATO would strike with everything one has in its arsenal taking down two global powers at once. I remember this article as one was involved in MK Ultra, but do not recall US willing to back-off from war with China if one would develop at this point. Quite the contrary. Big and stupid mistake in my opinion. Chinese could and should negotiate international ship passage between Taiwan and China as well as military presence on Taiwanese islands near China, but invasion of Taiwan most likely will result in as I stated above - disaster of country which had great potential to become a leading country 

Its a war they dreamed about. Off course - its only my opinion.

China finally became a leading manufacturing power in this world - too damn bad entire 1000 year dream and future could well become washed away in a single day.

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