Sunday, May 19, 2024

@Usyk - And if Fury offers a rematch

Make sure you take his down payment first in which you select date. So you don't have lady boss you around again. It took you 9 months for you yourself Usyk could have delivered a baby in between...just a bot more and there could have been...well 😁😂😃 he almost did you. This discussions were involved in MK Ultra just so you know. Fury did visit our Novo mesto house and hosted me at his place often times. And so did Usyk. British tried soooo hard to cheat to steal the win and it didn't work ohhhh London London.

Fury did on me as stated above pregnancy wise to screw me up in my back per London, but it doesn't work like this - not any more. I did laughed at Fury when he told me his views and encouraged one in his beliefs but enough is enough. Its possible Fury have done it even for Usyk as Usyk's request. The two became a good friends and shared a lot common - perhaps even too good of a friends.

Usyk' room was a funny room too.

8th baby !!?????


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