Wednesday, May 15, 2024

New home for Novo mesto elderly director Matejo Jerič was involved in my case since my 4th grade of grammar school and should be about 4 years older than myself

The one who introduced her in my case was none other than Janez Ogulin who based on MK Ultra went after high school straight on to study to Ljubjana to complete his university. She became some sort of MK Ultra sweetheart, but always find her way out as too old. Ogulin claimed at the time in 1981 for Mateja Jerič to be his cousin, but both have a long long history of lyeing. Matejo Jerič went on to claimed me with her assistant director have tutored one in Ljubljana but then stated never did.

Cousins or not, Ogulin and Jerič were both involved since my childhood.

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