Monday, May 13, 2024

This is also to inform South Korean team involved in MK Ultra TO STAY AWAY FROM ME as nobody wants your assistance of any kind

As for husband of psychiatrist Vesna Švab and Vesna Švab - you will get a court date.

Something after I have mentioned this morning(about their solicitation of Slovenian attorneys during MK Ultra - attorneys who were laughing at me and even engage in a torture throughout Slovenia to push more lies against me at the court while presenting themselves as my defense attorneys) while on my way to pickup mother resulted in Renault(2010 or so) Scenic to even stop at the intersection making right turn on the Ločna bridge repeatedly on two occasions when there was no traffic on the road and wait for traffic as if there was traffic - stunt involved in MK Ultra. Surveillanced 24/7 and followed up with through psychiatric police MK Ultra gaslighting.

This two girls both intimidated with psychiatry(accordingly with instruction of psychiatrist Kapš - agreement with Slovenian government as Robert Golob claimed while boasting about choosing me a future wife) and even made me loose a lots of time on two occasions. The third chance two will never get.

Nikjer nikoar ni bilo - bilo je brezno 52 let - sprenevedanje pa zdaj znanega dejstva ne spremeni in ga nebo spremenilo.

The psychiatric gaslighting definitely mothers' coughing involved in video !!????? Slovenian police is deeply disturbed with what is coming next for one and even more so psychiatrists involved. Individual is from the village as mother informed BUT PSYCHIATRIST KAPŠ WHO HOPED WILL GET ATTENTION WITH USING CARS WITH REAR TINTED WINDOWS DID GO ON TO OBTAIN ALSO DATA ON

NUMBER OF CARS WITH TAINTED WIDOWS IN THE NOVO MESTO CITY AND DURING WHICH HOURS THOSE ARE MOST ACTIVE - IT SHOWED AS CRIMINAL SUGGESTED A MORNING HOURS. Did same with issue concerning the use of police number 113 and learn about amount of crime for each day of the week to counter my claims how Sat/Sun crime rate is lower than on work week days....issue did go on to suggest how it all depends as on

some off days crime explodes depending on type of Holiday etc. is what American police begun to brainwash. At the restaurant Loka parking and according to MK Ultra, Mercedes from opposite direction blocked road and wouldn't move nor forward and not backwards with what I left one plenty room to go past me till I actually horned one...individual from once Blue Lagoon apartments(plava laguna) and to whom mom purchsed a nw appartment near Tuš in Ločna and whose grandmother had house behind Tuš also rushed through sidewalk while I was on my way to pick up mom. All this and more during 8 kilometer ride with a car. I haven't seen police atop of Ragovska at the mentioned location more than on 3 occasions since 2020. According to MK Ultra brainwash, lady in white Minie earned speeding ticket.
Same day and while somehow camera was still on - lucky day on 13th May. 

@Xi Jinping - in respect to Hungary, your government never managed to solve even my problem which started at my age 1 years old and you are talking about 6 years old who greeted you 15 years earlier. And no, I was not 6 years old when you had me in China and what you demanded from me to agree to claiming me that you chose girl to greet you in 2008 based on her young age to avoid possible gestures on pedophilia and to suggest me to agree with age 6 to satisfy your state criteria. I was of 2 years of age when I visited China and it is extremely embarrassing for China about what went on - even more so(much much more embarrassing) that China never ever managed to resolve case, but have instead intensified one. 
Perhaps you had no clue about what went on with me in China at age 2, but it was atrocious since you brought subject. If not even 1 year of age. I did met your Bruce Lee before he was gone in 1973. Something that Chuck Norris kept alive at all costs under MK Ultra by repeating me scenes from his movies with Bruce Lee - did all he could for me to pay attention to Bruce Lee whose daughter and family became involved in this case long after Bruce Lee was already gone.

Xi Jinping was involved according to his own words in my case since my age 6, but its not truth. He was involved since my age 4 for one thing....that too I recall.

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