Friday, May 17, 2024

To Chinese "peace proposition" related to Ukraine which was timed exactly according to MK Ultra, I would say came too late on a table for about 10 years

 There is no such thing as Ukraine without Crimea and Donetsk. Never was never will be. To

deprive Ukraine of almost entire coastline and eastern part of Ukraine, you do have to find for one also a new name. 

@Xi Jinping - Nice gesture, but 10 years too late. And neutrality is not when you defend one another against small guy as was my case when you politicians all stepped together and defended one another against me, but when you as a state take the course of international justice with full support for smaller/weaker country vs aggressor. Thats a neutrality in this century.

China needs Ukraine just as Ukraine needs China. Whoever supports regimes such as the one of Russia today, has little to look forward to in such regions when situation changes which rather is shame in case of Ukraine. Ukraine was extremely stimulated in business with China. Its not about Russia nor is about Ukraine, but instead about right and wrong. Ukraine as is, is a super state - country with 45 million people which China needs for survival. As for Russia as is, its a threats to all the European neighbors and as such will not do business with anyone till Ukraine is liberated. No country wants to be neighbor of Russia in Europe and that means a loss loss game also for China. Russia equals to terror and those who will side with Russia won't trade with those who fear one thats for sure. Don'ts become a part of Russian problem that will hurdle both sides. You and us here in Europe.

Xi Jinping made enormous mistakes during his visits to Europe. If I wore his shoes, I do at least stop in Ukraine and make investments if nothing other...I know, I wouldn't return to China empty handed. Its not about what Russia thinks. Who cares about what Russia thinks. You have to do what you have to do to advocate your sovereignty and right to trade with entire world or you become prisoner of your own illusions. Taxes go higher with little to hide from and its why investments matter in times of need more than ever. As for peace plans as such...there is no future of any kind for those.

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