Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Police officers Milan Leskovar and Matjaža Leskovar both were involved in extermination procedure

With Milan Leskovar was was ultra violet police officer till one disappeared to Bela Krajina. He at times was certain could imitate Janez Janša(did his best to imitate one)

Uniformed police officers were involved also as un uniformed as police investigators would make me pay visits to them and/or would use them to meet me along the hiking trails where I was taken Before local police got silicone masks to play with which they did with full permission of their peers. NEVER EVER WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THEIR PEERS SPECIALLY NOT ROYALS OR AMERICAN POLITICIANS WHO WANTED THEM TO USE SILICONE MASKS TO COVER UP FOR THEM ABSOLUTELY EVERY TRAIL - GIVING THEM OPPORTUNITY FOR CLAIM HOW SLOVENIAN POLICE EVEN USED SILICONE MASKS WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE/CONSENT.

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