Friday, May 17, 2024

Slovenian police did frequently drained my windshield wipers liquid on my cars as well as used my own cars for purposes of torture and theft/destruction

American police in area of Chicago did pulled them over in my Honda Accord with myself inside of the car, but let them get away with it.

My new Mazda protege did suffered time belt breakdown at the record 5 or 10 thousand miles on one. They caused damage to cars and theft of VW Polo from FREE PARKING LOT IN BUDAPEST WAS ENGINEERING ACCORDING TO MK ULTRA SCENARIO IN WHICH SLOVENIAN POLICE WAS ALSO INVOLVED IN ONE. Crime went on also in Slovenia where Slovenian police orchestrated a breakdown of the left front wheel bearing on VW Polo in 2016 which I purchased as used from first owner who also was involved in MK Ultra - incident which I was demonstrated prior to incident also under MK Ultra would take place and in which local mechanic Seničar from village was also involved gesturing me during MK Ultra on how I have to drive very slowly to even make it to him, took place at the bridge in Ločna where one has to turn right - its a such turn to right that one places certain amount of pressure on the left tires specially since it a right curve and this if speed is just a bit greater. It was not difficult for police to know/predict where bearing would explode since this is the only such location in are of Novo mesto that something like this could happen.

Novo mesto police had a problem with Mazda Protege which I purchased and have used one only on few occasions is at least what they claimed due to not many such cars(2003 sedans) in area - car was imported from USA on what shortly after as I described assassination plot took place in 2007 at place called Pekel(hell) where Milan Kučan had his choir engaging in the ritual for many many years before plot took place - tires replaced with old warned out tires and road sprayed with oil. SAVA FACTORY HAD RITUAL INSIDE OF THE FACTORY WHERE KUČAN BROUGHT ME - KUČAN SOUGHT FOR CRIME TO INVOLVE AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE WHAT ACTUALLY EQUALS TO COUP D'ETAT AND NOT ONLY DOMESTIC TERRORISM. THATS HOW POPULAR BRITISH ROYALS MADE ME AROUND THE WORLD. HE DIDN'T HAVE TO EVEN WORRY ABOUT WORSE CASE SCENARIO THAT WOULD COME FOR ONE AS IT LOOKED I WAS THE ULTIMATE EVIL IN THIS WORLD.

Still - windshield wipers liquid tank always was empty this made no sense any more to even keep one refiling with police demonstrating me how they emptied tank infront of me and their expectations of my refiling one that I have to fulfill after torture - Milan Kučan was on occasion or two even present.

Wonderful no !!???? Tell them what MK Ultra is next time when they ask you what MK Ultra is specially if a police officers who engaged in torture. Its not crime when police does it right...

Cars from my father were stolen all the time and used during MK Ultra for transport to Bela Krajina and in area.

Could I have been killed in a small 2001 VW Polo(extremely low millage and extremely well taking care of - 1st owner), if incident took place at some other dangerous location rather than at Ločna bridge !!???? Who knows. I am not that much of the expert on cars. Possibly if wheel would jam somehow and speed would be greater. Its a easy curve where bearing broke down - non demanding curve with slight slope. I can't imagine what would it be if curve was greater. This took place after I made possibly just some 3000 kilometers with the car. Mazda had only 15 or 20k miles at time of incident with new tires I purchased. Rather desperate failed police attempts

Nope, this is the world where there is no one to complain to specially after they label you as an insane and what in my case was used to totally detach me from world with idea to obtain proof about mental illness through even more intensified MK Ultra crime.

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