Sunday, May 5, 2024

Putin doesn't mind DEAD - he pays $2000 USD per month(10 TIMES NATIONAL AVERAGE) even women found inside of the prisons to sign and depart with one way ticket into the "victory"

Putin will also make sure that those who sign won't grow old to see social security handouts and this fact
will only save politicians with whom Putin negotiated Ukrainian real estate sale - not Ukraine. Ukrainian infrastructures are becoming totally decimated - country totally crippled and worse is yet to come as Putin negotiated with Zelensky and Biden Odessa - referred to one during MK Ultra as the last city burned to ground before Ukraine commits itself to the "truce". There sure was ZERO response from Ukrainian side so far on what I stated above - almost no S400 systems were destroyed and Russia according to Putin already developed and had in use much better than S400 system. Ukraine is loosing war with clearly ineffective anti Russian sanctions that allow Russia to function normally(India and China still exist - with Chinese beating greatly growth odds which British gave them) and release more and more technologically sophisticated weapons which Putin acquired from West prior to war. Its why I protested against the type of warfare NATO ran throughout Ukraine. Sanctions which West imposed ended hitting herder West + the longer it goes the more expensive and greater the toll. Perhaps West should adapt Putin's prison tactic and/or start to send Bidens on the front line. Whatever Americans/NATO didn't accomplish, Russians have and continue to do as evident from photo.  I never ever was a friend of war on my territory and when it comes to nuclear attacks(even attacks on soil of countries with nuclear armament) those are answered with the same. Biden's mind games are coming to an end and much much faster than what he can grapple with...farting on stage and gaffes won't help his war criminal image either.

Over 100.000 Ukrainians ESCAPED JOE BIDEN'S DRAFT to nowhere.Biden(not Zelensky) turned Ukraine with his NATO strategy into military draft dodgery(capital) of the world. 

Joe Biden(individual who branded Putin as a war criminal before becoming one) is at the gates as American president with record of failing in Gaza and possibly ending up

 in Ukraine real estate broker. I stated a real estate broker to protect his image - guys like Biden prefer to see themselves as brokers over losers even essentially is the SAME. China and India are both doing very well what also makes me happy while Russia is beating odds of any economic "sanctions" West imposed against one. Ohhh yeah, national economy is doing great and he also managed to bring my case to stop. Joe Biden is one of a kind - a real face of America which is hiding behind one. Proven war criminal and what we all waiting on to be finalized with quarter of Ukraine(entire coast line with most fertile part of Ukraine) missing from its original piece...but you know, there is also membership of NATO available for those willing to hassle further and membership at EU. Ukraine is now more ready to become part of either of the two. More perfect - improved....Ukrainian news stops for me here - will not waste space on blog to harbor(promote) crime and genocide against myself. Putin in a majority survived so far with old surplus upgraded tanks from times of USSR, drones from Iran and Korean missiles. Didn't waste for what is becoming evident destruction of  precious Ukrainian infrastructure almost any  modern weapons or even regular military. He filled in great way his military with prisoners/volunteers and reduced pressure on domestic economy by keeping low wages and steady employment. Well ditched in the ground to beat off of potential tanks or other armored vehicles from direction of Ukraine. Phrase known as "better than never"(always delayed and/or never delivered) became the most powerful NATO's real estate asset Ukraine.

$2000 salary and a pardon: Russia's offer to women prisoners to fight in Ukraine

FP Staff  May 5, 2024, 12:00:30 IST

$2000 salary and a pardon: Russia's offer to women prisoners to fight in Ukraine
Russia is recruiting women prisoners to fight in war against Ukraine. (Photo: Russian Ministry of Defence)

Russia has been adopting measures such as increased wages and early releases to recruit women prisoners to fight the war against Ukraine.

It is part of the larger strategy of the country to boost its ranks in the war against Ukraine that’s nowhere close to ending. It’s not just the regular Russian military that’s recruiting women prisoners, but paramilitary forces and militias are also roping in women.

While Russian authorities have turned to women to bolster war efforts, the approach appears to clash with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vision for Russian women that priorities family values over working outside of their homes. This also appears to reflect in recruitment where even though women are being recruited, they are often kept away from the warzones and are only posted for medical roles or other roles in the rear.

How is Russia recruiting women for Ukraine war?

Russian authorities are paying women prisoners up to $2,000 per month and a pardon of their sentence to make them sign up for military service, according to The New York Times.

The monthly salary of $2,000 is 10 times of the minimum wages in Russia.

In some cases, the report said that pro-Russia paramilitary forces have also been seen to offer signing bonus of up to $4,000 to women prisoners.

For the purpose of recruitment, prison officials started compiling list of prisoners with medical prisoners following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to the report, which added that such shortlisting was followed by recruiters’ visits to offer contracts to women inmates to serve as snipers, combat medics, or radio operators.

In one case, at a prison un Ural mountains, prison officials put up a notice and sought petitions from the women inmates to join the Russian army.

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