Wednesday, January 5, 2022

There was another same color Citroen Xsara car involved in MK Ultra they repaired with Andrej Uhl's supervision(neighbor criminal) on what Andrej Uhl insisted did something to car as for what he will do to me on what

 he dragged me to center of the city to meet a buyer who was a Serbian or half Serbian - about 185cm tall and make me hand one car keys insisting that I got read of car - criminal Andrej Uhl did this and should took place right before end of MK Ultra. This individual all I can say is needs rest in jail for the rest of his life or a procedure(safest and best for everyone) known as lobotomy. This is a violent criminally insane individual with LONG EXTENSIVE POLICE RECORD(juvenile criminal) SINCE EARLY YEARS who literately enjoyed to torture under MK Ultra. 

@Andrej Uhl

For world to see(POISONED PRO CRIMINAL ENVIRONMENT YOU CREATED IN NOVO MESTO'S AREA) what reward for crime is. To use your criminal image to contribute to normal world for young people who know you to become more enthusiastic about work(family oriented rather than to fear work someone destroying their earned property) rather than crime.

To teach you how to respect other people's privacy and ownership.

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