Thursday, January 27, 2022

My father stated me how mother is not his wife and one is not married - equals to 100% MK Ultra statement(not dementia)

 Mother had a very nasty personality under MK Ultra torture as it appears not only toward myself, but also as evident toward father.

Once person starts to observe torturer under MK Ultra as torturer, torturer is marked as NO GOOD for tortured individual for the rest of his life time regardless of tactics with which one follows up with. If individual tortured is elderly individual and one has trouble discerning 

between reality and MK Ultra torture(my father is 90 and he participated to violence and was subjected to one as well), individual could resort him/herself possibly to MK Ultra state of mind if exposed to abuse in real time...this never was case with me as I separated two issues with 100% accuracy that baffled psychiatrists and lawyers who did all they could to confuse me on such issues but without absolutely any success. Father today complained me again about food he received prior to sleep which left him afterwards awake all night and mother begun to yell at one how she will call social worker on him for throwing money away before I took him for a walk and then to the local shopping mall where I bought some vitamins...

Here stated was observed already by others who participated in MK Ultra(MK Ultra staff members and even psychiatrists) and was given to my attention under MK Ultra as possible scenario with variety of blah blah....none of the people who engaged in MK Ultra, however, knows about MK Ultra psychology as much as I do because no one was subjected to variety of treatments as well as to the length of time spent under MK Ultra.

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