Friday, January 28, 2022

After 5 hours of sleep(5 x 60 minutes 100% timed)

 I am ready to go on. Went sleep at 1900 and was woken up by gassing at 2400. 

In Poland on Zagajnikowa street in Łódź where I was left with option to either heat garage which had two 20 centimetres in diameter holes in each side of one with furnace located outside and on expensive coal or be cold all winter long, even gas bottle installed was emptied within first month or so - leaving me upon return from work frequently dizzy. I no longer bothered to purchase another one as it made no sense. But as you know, purchasing electric water heaters also made no sense whatsoever because they ended up broken withing week...I don't think its methane/butane that is used as those have smell and make you rather sleepy.

Due to methane or butane gas exposure and poisoning, people may suffer from a range of long-term effects including: Cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological problems. Development of epilepsy, pneumonia, claustrophobia and heart problems. Memory loss and depression.

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