Thursday, January 13, 2022

Americans and Britons didn't only participate in Bosnia where they supported Serbs since 1998(insisted me to collaborate with them since 1997) - never went to occupied parts of Croatia American psychologist Smith told me

 They paraded also on streets of Sevnica pushing away from me any patriotic Slovenian that would approach and reporting to Donald Trump - claiming locals there how it will be no independent Slovenia. Talking here about two/three Hollywood actors I have sen with my own eyes and you know what that means. In my eyes, you Americans declared war on Slovenia - my homeland where you used to bring me drugged up for beatings. 

People along trail to Sevnica told me you also espionaged for Pahor/Kučan thus leaving dead people behind. In Telče settlement, you drove female insane by sarcastically gesturing her is 

"tele"(calf) through laughter since one was interested me and I was not interested in her. God knows else took place - many girls and young men went because of your MK Ultra game into death for you to be reminded of...

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