Monday, January 24, 2022

The "warehouse" really was her store and all I wanted is to be with her so much that I begun to rush customers out AND

 its when I had to leave Japan and go back to Europe :)))))

But I was brought back again(here and then you know) to cause trouble to customers if nothing else and then customers wanted piece of me and so on :)))) and then she really made $9000 per month because customers kept coming back for more and more Sebastian....related 

Nah, truth is that she is extremely likable and customers came to buy just to see her and her coworkers. She is into her job 100% with single thought on her mind to be #1 in her field. 

Awesome girl and very nice coworkers. It took her two years to employ second guy...workers worked free too just to be near action...I guess she really knows her ways, but overall is extremely giving person. As young as she was, she had Americans investigate what took place before I was brought to her with single thought on her mind to help me - found ways to convince me as meatball(I was heavily over-weighted) looking as I was in 2012/2015 how I am invincible muscled guy and very special...nobody even understood how she did what she did, but I came out of her store each time as good as brand new and better...

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