Sunday, January 30, 2022

Mr. Live free or die(named after me) - Scotty Kilmer was involved in MK Ultra(one of his customers that would stop bye was even George Bush)

Mercedes falling behind cheapest Asian brands really fast because corruption only goes as far as customers and CEOs of foreign companies become aware of techniques used in process to sell and undermine quality of cars itself...its what German industry for the most part survived upon during past 20 my math teacher would say and was 100% correct about it, "not even Germans are any longer the same"...BMW/Mercedes used to be in 80s a concept/notion for quality in our European heads - today, I wouldn't even think about one over Hyundai, Lexus/Toyota/ Honda...its not about what you prefer and Asians are winning as Merkel stated...its about selling expensive cat in a bag on one side and quality for what you pay for on the other..

Luxury Sedan Comparison: Genesis G90 Vs. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The S-Class has to fend off Korea's best sedan yet.

Genesis has fully revealed its flagship G90 sedan, and it looks like a promising step up from the model it will replace. While the G90 was always a comfortable chariot, the new one is a far more desirable car to look at. That's something that matters in this segment, and no other full-size sedan exemplifies sophistication and status better than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Decades later, the S-Class remains the comfort and technology benchmark. If Audi and BMW have never truly surpassed the S-Class with their own offerings, does Genesis stand any chance? Let's find out.


Exterior Design: Genesis Strikes The First Blow

The S-Class is today what it always has been - an understated car that effortlessly announces you've made it. From any angle, it's a smoothly styled sedan that reeks of quality and class. The problem is, it is now harder to tell apart from the cheaper E-Class and C-Class than ever before, and that's a problem when you've spent six figures on a full-size sedan.

By comparison, the new Genesis G90 is simply more evocative and interesting to look at. The Two-Line headlamp design that stretches into the front fenders, along with the shiny Crest Grille, give it a unique identity. Yes, the badge means that it won't immediately command the respect that an S-Class does at the country club, but as things stand now, the G90 gets our vote as the more stylish sedan.

In both cases, expect expansive panoramic roofs, a choice of large wheel designs, LED headlights and daytime running lights, and easy entry into the back seats via long rear doors.

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