Tuesday, January 11, 2022

@Chinese Uighurs

 In United States of America, Americans rejected at large(practice on surface only) almost entire Christian indoctrination -  rejected anywhere from Roman Catholic to Protestant(Lutherism) branches and everything with Orthodox and Amish cult in between - new old paganist ODINISM(white genetic purity based on Viking indoctrination) resurfaced under the table, so don't bag for problems where there is none as they will find you faster than what you think is possible - you with your religious Uighur issues are nothing more than a number on a dice West needs to get as fast as possible whatever they demand from China to fulfill on their way to total NWO control...

Everything written inside of the American bill of right and in US constitution is used for global and even domestic in US divide and conquer technique. 

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I know that this doesn't go along UN regulator's rules, but they are in pockets of those which finance organisation and with message above I save lives. Uighurs indeed matter to me as human beings and thats also why this message to you. Accept China and become part of it - live your lives and shape future in country which will have greater and greater impact on this planet - human future. @Muslims - befriend one and India rather than to play road to nowhere with Putan Putanowich.

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