Tuesday, January 11, 2022

ALL AUDIO RECORDED: Mother who told me yesterday will call police on me for keeping father outside for 5 hours was told will see police lights infront of house on very next opportunity for telling father again how she will call fishing stores if he visits them again

 Father told me(from local police to psychiatrist Kapš with niece as number 1 and off course mother), they all bitched me how father spends too much money in stores and is not to be taken to fishing stores any longer.

Truth is that he did spent too much money, but this is his issue on the first place as he always did and does pay his share of retirement to whatever mother asked and asks. Truth also is that since return from Poland in end of 2020, he does nothing but seats at home and eats. Goes for a shit walk(5 minute walk) with mother and was/is obligated to follow Peter Kapš's and police crime instructions against me because of which as mother reminded me 

he got in trouble as lost when I took him for a walk - took him for a walk an instead of being taken home by Serbian involved in MK Ultra one was taken to center city where old house was to play with me crazy MK Ultra scenarios. Something as it seems no longer is in mode to ever tray again as I never took him out again since(this is what you chetiks have done to him after he followed your orders to create me problems). However, chief of Novo mesto Police Ogulin and Kapš are driving luxury cars. Niece too lives life in luxury. Everyone does including his "friends" who eat and shit as much as they can - want. 

My almost 90 years old mother's behavior indifferent(my entire life was) from female patients I have met inside of the SFETC(South Florida's Evaluation and Treatment Center in Miami) where I used to work - her attitude criminal with accent on psychological abuse(through controlling attitude with great lack of common sense) which continues to border on physical altercations through situations involving MK Ultra abuse doesn't tone down - Something I will not tolerate as she insisted under MK Ultra with ultimatum known as either me(herself) or father, but not both.

I do not approve of father being mistreated inside of the stores where even salespeople insisted me he shouldn't go no more in there specially because of what society have done to this entire family - when he was needed to cause crime against me he was awarded big time and when its time to get read of him, he shouldn't have the right to even visit fishing store.....society did stuff for the sake of politicians whatever shouldn't and did's whatever one should have...I don't want to loose father or mother because of their distorted reality about reality through society even less I will tolerate crime withing family.

For that matter mother who told father whom I have taken yesterday out for fun with newly bought car how he is not allowed to go to fishing stores as she will call them to find out if he was in there was told to either stop or face police cars infront of the house herself - I do not exclude those either was as she has her account to give(WITTINESS EVERYTHING ABOUT HOLLYWOOD AND POLITICIANS) to police about who was here and how things went under MK Ultra. Either this or JAIL time with 100 life sentences.

90 years old father asked me to take him out yesterday to stores...he was bored so I did. He had fun and thats not for me or him crime. Mather was asked to come along as always is and have again refused and that again her problem. 

The #1 evil in the family was and is my niece Urska Veber Golob with her husband which turned everyone against me including her own husband who told her(TOLD ME) under MK Ultra doesn't even feel is right whatever she demanded from one against me. But for her mental issues story that dated back to 1995, I have already explained in details why and how - was so mentally ill that psychiatrists which decided will portray me as ill via MK Ultra brainwash didn't know how to hide her mentally illness for three years on the row as she had absolutely no control over her mental health.

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