Monday, January 24, 2022

Man behind schizophrenic paranoia poisoning scenarios and real health issues was for 27 years(since day 1 in Slovenia during 1995) no other than NEIGHBOR Doctor Igor Kotar - 100% controlled by Milan Kučan/ Pahor

 Individual who begun insist me in 2006 upon my return from US after 11.5 years(never visited on my own European continent or existed US throughout mentioned period) on how I should use anti depressants he can(will) prescribe me - for which one insisted me prior to return from US during MK Ultra will be the only way out for me to survive AS THEY HAVE ME...I cite criminal, "THEY GOT YOU...THEY OWN YOU...I WILL HELP YOU DON'T TURN DOWN ANTIDEPRESSANTS...I made arraignments with your father other physicians just accept it"...

He participated in every brainwash concerning health issues on how I should view lies as and shared piece of very unhealthy advice with mother on when what. Individual also appeared 

with his car infront of our house in evening 2100 - 2200 hours due to random visit right upon my return from place called Hell is translated from Slovenian where car assassination plot took place in 2007.

Sure one made lost of overtime and got special treatments at his workplace. He was the one behind plot to push me at whatever costs into depression(gave step by step instruction to mother/father on how to view and what to do - and brainwashed me on how to see things as, so crime would go on as much as undetected as possible - brainwashed me under drugs to feel sorry for mother and father for every act of crime against me) and had other neighbors engage in crime for him to be seen as less guilty in my eyes.

He also is a neighbor of Andrej Uhl and Uhl was his bodyguard - two crime partners as far as their relation to one another.

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