Monday, January 24, 2022

Till Russia returns occupied Kuril islands back to Japan, I will not recognize one as sovereign nation but only as ULTIMATE ENEMY OF HUMANITY

 This will be my price for Russian Serbian Belorussian crime against me personally. Vladimir Putin who invited Americans to Kuril islands(I had to present as well - drugged up), was poking with Medvedev fun at Japanese(not present) infront of Americans. Gestured on how those will be welcome back, but only as wealthy tourists and even how he will build them a bridge to easier come...those who know about Kuril islands on map should be also interested in learning about Russian genocide against Kuril islands' natives - genocide against the Japanese Ainu people who shared same trades of Russian death as I did. 

This is why...its more than just stolen piece of land for small by territorial size, but much much greater than Russian nation. 

Those who scorn issues as Vladimir Putin had and does, have very little to look forward too as individuals or nations as justice will caught with them one way or another sooner than latter.

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