Sunday, January 16, 2022

Doctor Phil McGraw was also involved in MK Ultra and I can say for one only that he has a very high quality ethics

He, however, figured out that Britney Spears makes more money than he does and I should therefore just stick to her(I don't think so due to her past nor and specially as a result of her conduct lately, but thank you as I know you meant best).

Doctor Phil McGraw protested politicians in the face(once literately in our Novo mesto house 

in 2002) due to their unethical conduct against me and have stepped away from it all...he still supported me on the side do.

This in fact is a great individual.

p.s. I liked both Spears sisters, but drugged up and abused as I was I didn't know 1+2+3 around me at the times...all this fuss Britney is into against her sister does her and even less to her sister any good. Biden stated me would have to wait on her to get her b.s. straight in respect to me and her sister(thus causing me more harm and she heavily bargained for me not to get through this creating all sorts of obstacles which involved real psychological abuse - dated infront of me several dudes since 2008 and three continents making whole experience rather repulsive) ....

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