Thursday, January 27, 2022

Carbon monoxide poisoning for sure was ONE SORT OF POISONING.

They talked about one even in London would be implemented against me, but under MK Ultra the most possessed with one was my mother, neighbor Andrej Uhl, and Ales Berger who guaranteed me complete failure of exercise(zero push ups for you) based on most severe cardio problems possible before new year's date(they claimed lack of vitamins will be the reason, for gassing they would push me sticks through holes from under room at night what steered my attention away from possible carbon-monoxide, and use of directed energy - Last 7 days, I truly spent at no wonder with severe chest pain and recovered from one completely once airing room well - what you see needs to be repaired or even better as Andrej Uhl told me to use putty). Cover of chimney hole from my room I removed in 2018 prior to departure to Poland as I no longer knew what possibly went on health wise(problems with health started in 2017 just prior to return from Belarus when sound popped up first - followed by highly reduced sleep).
Food poisoning through mother's toxic environment was measured(evaluated and tested on me during my being drugged up) very very carefully evaluated by neighbor physician doctor Kotar and they had other forms of harassment in place as well which would result foremost in severe sleep deprivation leaving me with hypertension alike sound. SOMEONE DESTROYED COVER FROM CHIMNEY AS I JUST SAW, BUT IT WASN'T ME.

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