Monday, January 31, 2022

I REPEAT - Involved in MK Ultra was also Dr. Takeshi Kasai who told me in advance will be used as a safety mechanism for WHO boss Tedros Adhanom in case one would face scrutiny as WHO boss - used as emergency valve in case of racism or other forms of discrimination as we have seen took place few days ago with Ethiopia

I will add to Ethiopian calls for investigation of Tedros that one is a racist unlike any other government employed official I have had experienced during MK Ultra torture. Tedros as EVERYONE AT UNITED NATIONS KNOWS is also a black supremacist who ensured me on multitude occasions IN FRONT OF OTHER EMPLOYEES AS WELL AS DIFFERENT STATE RELATED PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER AFRICAN CONTINENT on my being nothing but dead walking man without any chance to survive his coming.
As far as Dr. Takeshi Kasai who also was involved in MK Ultra, I can assure that man is 100x times as fit to be head of UN as Tedros and Antonio Gutierrez together(he easily could be head of any state or corporation I can think off - I have not seen anyone as impressive IQ wise as Mr. Kasai). There is no match for Dr. Takeshi Kasai anywhere within UN  organisation as one not only is the most qualified candidate as far as scientific/educational and performance wise credentials, but also due to his fanatic commitment to work for the sake of common goals of humanity.

Can clearly be seen Mr. Kasai threw himself in water for the sake of Adhanom already three years ago...and Americans Britons pressing at crucial moments for Tedros for one instead to be investigated...

In contrast to those who want to boss around and sell trusted functions at United Nations for own interests as is case with Tedros, Dr. Takeshi Kasai is the guy(probably not the only one) who quietly does all the work in the background and even takes s*** so you already know the song... Takeshi from what I was told had no time even for family life till 50...I have no clue how much things changed for one since as is 56.

There is a great amount of injustice at UN  because of people like Tedros and many people(some nations) to put it plane and simple, are just afraid to even launch a complain at UN - rather keep silent.

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