Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Croatian lady I met yesterday(originally from Split) was along her Croatian family and German husband whom she met through this case in 1996/1997 involved in MK Ultra since 1995

 Her husband bough his last VOLVO KARAVAN car as brand new in 2010 I think(could be 2008)....has apartment in Germany and her family three houses one next to other in beautiful  Dalmatian Split. I do like to thank her for meeting me as she came all the way from Germany. Above stated is from MK Ultra memories not conversations we had last night.

I was so crazy, I turned down marital proposal of her niece in probably 1999...because I only wanted to date blonde women under MK Ultra unless women took time and made me forget 

about frustration I endured under MK Ultra...I say this because I wanted to date her infront of her husband and her family disregarding in their face all frustration - and this despite age difference...her elderly husband who passed away was 100% German who would give his life for me at just about any time without compromise and regardless of how crazy I was - at times so crazy I wouldn't recognize one as I would be heavily tortured(regular practice) before brought infront of people if those somehow embraced me...the thing is, he would give one for anybody he met and not because I embraced blonde women as they maliciously labeled him as...what a couple and they had cats already before his death...

THANK YOU AND NOW AM GOING TO BEFRIEND YOU ON FACEBOOK(had to post this before befriending you or visiting social network, so its legit).

I never was in Split on my own either.

I hope angel rests in heaven for all his honorable deeds and gets a well deserved place next to father all mighty.

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