Tuesday, January 18, 2022

How the black hero Mike Tyson managed to break my ribs under MK Ultra

 I was brought to gym stoned as hell after the extensive torture. Then Mikey gave order to some white dude to provocate me on black and white via additional torture right infront of him and few other individuals CLAIMING ME INFRONT OF THEM HOW HE WILL PUNCH ME...I, however, was stoned as hell and could barely stand on my feet and then big

man Mike Tyson stepped infront of me(not that I would know what went on) and his as hard as was capable in my chest area breaking few ribs - my chest as a result is deformed since. Ameros 
who returned me back to Europe after short stay about 10 days max in American hospital(Borut Pahor had me on clinic center in Ljubljana - as stay in American hospital was reduced and was transferred instead to Ljubljana where they wanted me for more abuse - were for whatever reason in hurry to get me transferred there - Americans were late for about one week with transfer back to Slovenia) have seen, heard, or knew nothing and everything was normal as I was even  tapped in arms with "good job someone else if punched by Mike would be dead"....British who also knew all about it have also done zero point nothing about it(prince Andrew creamed something about it and that was it) - year was 2004/2005 !!???

I felt exactly ZERO pain. Probably due to degree of crime that went on against me as anything went bye - everything was okay...everything was allowed and whatever happened in one country crime wise too me it became a new normative in a country I was transferred to as next and soon for everyone a new normal was set on a latter of abuse...

MK Ultra case !!??? I don't think so. 10% MK Ultra and 90% something else during time spent drugged up.

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