Sunday, January 16, 2022

YOU ARE GREATER THAN GOD(at least you think you are), BUT SEEMS WILL FAIL WITH YOUR LIES INTO TOTAL OBLIVION - HERE IS WHY: It doesn't matter how wrong Trump and what one promotes(regardless of how crazy), he will win and the one who proved him right AND WHO WILL SECURE HIS VICTORY is the EVEN MORE DELUSIONAL MORE INSANE, AND IS EVEN THE ONE WHO CALLS HIM CRAZY - eventually I will be beaten up by those whom I have even ended defending despite owerwhelming crime against me

Word is about Black Lives Matters because YOU SEE HIM SPREADING CRAZY THEORIES AS YOU DEMOCRATS CLAIM DAILY ON YOUR NEWS SITES, BUT ARE NOT RESPONDING TO CRIME I HAVE CHARGED YOU WITH ON THIS NEWS SITE - DEMONSTRATING WORLD EQUAL TO GOD ATTITUDE - RACIAL SUPERIORITY as its only god in your mind that observes and doesn't have to answer - actually for me to wake you up, neonazi alike attitude as they too tried and succeeded in killing innocent through lies for quite some time at least till truth escaped see, God also doesn't deliberately kills - engages in crime equivalent and greater than extermination agenda to afterward bully and observes feedback on one, so you DID granted yourself above God your insanity, you guys are greater than God(it would be stupid of me to even mentioned constitution and international treaties etc. - self derogatory - self de dignifying) and free to kill as pleased.

About Trump's coming victory - this little case of mine, you will never ever prove as lie/wrong - I am 100% not the only person crime was done against, but only tip of the iceberg who however managed to break through clouds of violence and lies to the other side of the world controlled by lies. Putin is there, Berlusconi will run for president, Scholtz is in seat and so are many others, and world took note and have seen it no longer conspiracy theory so it doesn't matter how insane how crazy as is written in title...
GO AHEAD AND MAKE MY DAY !!! Whole thing goes on unobstructed(sleep deprivation procedures are used to slow one down - its a control technique for which I have explained will get Trump through during next elections) under no other than Joe Biden.

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