Wednesday, January 12, 2022

MK Ultra - Trip to Melania Trump's Sevnica on January 4th 2022 - several people identified

Video can be also seen at 


#1 I point Lidl worker employed since beginning of the store

#2 I point out to retired couple husband's work location, his wife's profession, and region proximity she is from - 20-25 kilometres from Kranj/ Gorenjska region. I am also claiming she is a sister of very important pro independence Slovenian politician.

#3 I describe 1996 incident when meeting individual near road - incident with tractor took place actually in earlier morning hours. I would say even 8am. Brandy and Korando music band - female of musci band was a blonde whom I have even fallen for and is from one of the houses higher up hills...

#4 I point out when truck driver whom I met in Šmarjeta suffered his spine injury and who one was. From his new house to daughter.

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