Saturday, January 15, 2022

About Djokovic family and his detention

His grandfather on mother's side has a barn - next to little farm house just outside of the Belgrade(I think Borća or Panćevo) but not too far. Aleksandar Vućić, however, was taking me down in south parts of Serbia as he realized I keep mistaking one with chetnik involved in MK Ultra who did go out in Bosnia and on border with eastern part of Croatia and in Croatia alone...

Australia demanded from Djoković to recognize me and Trump insisted for Serbs to get my case recognized if there is Yugoslavia to be built in the future...through cluster you see on internet about Djoković, his recognition of my case would come about to life BUT I DO NOT RECOGNIZE CRIME AS A FORM OF RECOGNITION AND YUGOSLAVIA FOR ME WILL REMAIN ENEMY COUNTRY.

One can admit crime - confess himself/herself or admit one on behalf of country, but not recognize one. 

I am tired of Amero German Scandinavian Dutch involvement in crime against me and Slovenian sovereignty - bargaining through minorities they involved in crime for either continuation of systematic takeover of the world or speedy agreement with Moscow which would grant further interventions leading toward total destabilization of the world involving also recolonization. THERE SURE WILL BE NO AGREEMENTS ACCOMPLISHED THROUGH MY PAIN DESPITE BEING DEPRIVED OF 27 YEARS OF LIFE 

ALREADY. THE BIGGEST SHITHOLE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT DOUBT IS COUNTRY WHERE I INQUIRED CITIZENSHIP IN, COUNTRY WHICH ENGAGED IN EVERY HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION LISTED AS THE TYPE OF HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION AND BEYOND. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS THE NAME WHERE ANYTHING GOES BYE AND ALL IS GOOD AS LONG AS EVERYONE IS SILENT ABOUT. COUNTRY 100 X TIMES WORSE THAN NEONAZI GERMANY. Hate politic is all good. USA pioneered one as one contributed to thirst for blood all over the world and for which reason they have subject me to different races and minorities for torture. Distributed videos behind scenes to one another and chuckled when observing death roaming all over mid east/Africa...provocated one another...US have gone in 80 year period from number one country in the world into the worst of the worst this world have seen. Nope, your great hero Putin will not complain about it.

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