Monday, January 24, 2022

The biggest Serbian DEMAND presented to me in face when drugged up in Belgrade(hijacked from 47 Street on Miami Beach ) in 1995 and wrealisedhenever brought for the next 10 years was for me to pay for new stadium there.

 Working full time round clock for minim wage in USA and at times(if opportunity gave chance whenever allowed to work) 24 hours straight, I was presented in face with overly idiotic insane(far beyond) demands under MK Ultra. Demands that would bring back same day someone with Bill Gates alike personality with machine gun in mouths swimming across ocean...demand for new stadium in 1995 and since, however, explains clearly that Buckingham palace, Berlin, Washington DC did advertised me as beyond wealthy individual to whomever they wanted to get on thin ice. Similar demands repeated elsewhere in eastern Europe and elsewhere in world leaving me speechless and beyond angry without 

complete understanding about what went on for quite some time. Money game on which mentioned parties insisted for no less than 20 years then from year 2017 begun to dwindle and mentioned parties begun to insist on other financial options presenting instead shit for Dollar. Finally figuring out through Schulz and Macron how best would be for me to run for life again abroad rather than live life like human being - rehearsed during latest medical examination in hospital Novo mesto...on my surprise(shock), the biggest partners in MK Ultra since 1995 all the sudden became real world gangsters and since 2017 black lives matters and even South African government who all the sudden changed their attitude from abuse to nice who realized truth will come out regardless - except money demands(1 million here, two there, 50 there, 100 overhear etc.) which stayed in place....

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