Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Ukraine supported traditionally US Democrats despite my warnings - one became listed as good as dead lost Crime and Donetsk with US officials threatening Russia 8 years after occupation of those with economic sanctions if not removing their troops from border with Ukraine

 Mike Tyson, Martin Luther King Jr., Al Sharpton, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Dwayne Johnson and others involved in MK Ultra made Belgrade and Moscow their second homes since 1995 is why...so did Joe Biden and so I know that dealing with US Democrats leaves you will less than nothing in your pockets. United States of America is an organised crime, but with US Democrats one is as good as dead. Betrayed more than Jesus. Russia never worried about whatever they already had in their pockets and as a result got whatever one asked for through that other option. 

Makes no point for anyone to negotiate with sticker on the windows - its what US Democrats are and for everything else, republican party exists(don't EVER allow republicans to prove you wrong for here stated - if they try, don't spare bullets as is everything their agenda is based upon)

Black American is a persecuted race for ages who walked around and walked and everything around him fell apart/died wherever one went and he knew not why https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/sep/12/louis-armstrong-and-the-spy-how-the-cia-used-him-as-a-trojan-horse-in-congo and all in all that at one stage, it didn't even matter anymore as you too were gone from picture due to his misfortunes...but he knew not why and he despite all misfortunes remained poor just enough to get his song going, but God forbid you pointed out at one is engaging or have engaged knowingly in ethnic cleansing as next to physical beatings human rights organisations even marched at you ...

Serbs and Russians as democrats !!???? Hahahaha....when you see this flag in Africa(you have seen one already in Syria), you will know everything about who and from where...Russians murdered Ukrainians on large scale and Serbs openly Bosnians and Croats - own people basically, so think what they have in it for you...

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