Friday, January 21, 2022

Bigger than life movie star, WITH SPOON BIGGER THAN LIFE, designed to protect myself to hide myself from world to hide the coward

@Will Smith - sure that's me ,) except for suicide thoughts which was replaced in title with BIGGER THAN LIFE SPOON. United in HATRED states of America. 

You collectively ruined 27 years of my life -with lies and violence. Stalked after departure from Miami in 2006 into this very room inciting in hatred through additional physical abuse for another 14 years - torture with occasional hijacking back to US so that you could prove being discriminated against. Once I openly responded to your crime in 2012(after enduring 17 years of torture inw which you black lives matters took initiative against me since 1995), I was accused of being racist and this is what/how your human right$$$ which you get compensated for from the others side(nazis can't even exist without your crime - you both are made for one another) evolve around 
Miami's artist Will Smith was involved in case since 1995. I was resident of Miami alone for 11.5 years as you know - resident(in US on general as if I had place, I wouldn't waste single minute of time) because I had no place as to go.

The 30 day journey  that "unexpectedly" for me took a bit longer....


@Will Smith - and I do love to know what really took place with your father and to some of your relatives

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