Thursday, January 13, 2022

Of all Djokovic family members, only father was involved in Balkan war - in abuse against me, however, YES all males including Novak himself

Djoković's mother was the one I have fallen for each time whenever brought to Serbia(for that matter at least, I had feud with Novak's father who however was/is very pro chetnik), and Novak's brothers indicated contrary to Novak's mild attitude toward me in a hatred against me. Novak, however, too knew about my mistaking him for chetnik who served in Balkan war and tried to capitalize on one even with Australian government officials as I described by discrediting me with distorted view I posted about him serving in Bosnia and Croatia during Serbian massacre on Balkans. 

Novak is only 34 years old is what they claim thus it would be impossible for one to engage in Balkan war. They also claim one is from Belgrade and individual I had in mind and to 

whom I was repeatedly also taken to from Djokovic's residence in Belgrade is from either Loznica or Užice and has house on village with barn. Very possible is that Aleksandar Vućić would take me with car from Belgrade to mentioned location using someone even with Novak's silicone mask - if  Djokovic whose father and mother(I saw the photos now) I remember only from Belgrade doesn't have any property on village, then Vućić did just as I stated. Mentioned individual using silicone mask claimed me all I have to remember about one is how his or whoever's property looks like and thats that whenever I was brought there....

It is more than evident Djoković parents LIED UNDER MK ULTRA ABOUT A LOTS OF ISSUES FROM BEGINNING TO THE END AS AN EXAMPLE Novak's age is 34 and therefore was born before this MK Ultra case for which two insisted me how they met through one...

Father of Djoković possibly was serving in war two years, six month, or have avoided one totally as his attitude toward chetniks was very causcious - moderate at the begining stages of MK Ultra in 1995, 1996, even 1997 - since 1997 one was ordered to either change his relaxed attitude or loose me - it appeared to me as if one didn't have choice other than to hate as his buddies chetniks would come to get one at home and had to go with them to restaurants...they demanded from one to hate during their visits to his residence.

Its funny to note how the one who begun to demonstrate me Belgrade(condition views between evident chetnik and whoever worn silicone mask of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović to cause as much trauma as possible with beatings in between) in 2015 was no other than Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović - Croatian president whoever impersonated her...

To push Aleksandar Vućić's paranoia even more, Novak insisted me to state he killed Croats and not Muslims as Croats(roman Catholics) as nation are small, but Muslims much greater danger spread throughout the world what could result for him even in fatality. Serbia a I stated is ULTIMATE SHITHOLE ON EARTH - RUSSIA INDIFFERENT PERHAPS EVEN INSANER MORE SCHIZOPHRENIC - VIOLENT.

Owners of this room whenever drugged up always were Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor. And Vućić if he made it - there are chetniks in Australian government AND ROYALS ALONE WERE(ARE) DESPERATE TO HIDE EVIDENT TO WHOLE WORLD.

@Andrew - how is lawsuit coming along with Julia !!???

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