Monday, January 10, 2022

Novak Djoković served minimum 3 years in Serbian military as chetnik commiting war crimes mainly against Croats

1996, 1997 in Bosnia - 1998 transfer to eastern part of Slavonia near Slavonski Brod - probably on Bosnian side. Used again for slaughter of Croats. He loved to kill Croats as he alone claimed and was honorably discharged by Serbian chetnik Aleksandar Vućič(now Serbian president) - either he had someone decorate Djoković with war medal for his slaughter or he did personally - Vućič claimed me he had someone decorate him on his behalf whatever...just so you know who 

Novak Djoković was/is.

I forcefully visited his front lines positions where even yelled at by British military crewman to behave during abuse - Serbs had British support on front-lines of Croatia and Bosnia. Take this either way you know...and don't worry, a Serbian war criminal is okay in Australia.

Once West opened doors to EVEN Djoković knowing clearly who he was

I felt dumbed down in new homeland USA. Worthless....I could see life going to nowhere surrounded by nothing other than crooks - criminals. This new homeland felt like ultimate shithole....finally Bill Clinton made sense in 1999 as it became more than evident their new Serbian allies were in it only for massacres/genocide. Lies and slaughter.

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