Wednesday, January 12, 2022

SLOVENIA BECAME A JUMP-HILL FOR RUSSO SERBIAN CRIME TO EUROPE: Ljubljana major's Zoran Janković and his two sons - involved since 1995 in crime against me with strong ties to Putin and Serbian mafia(gangster state ran by Aleksandar Vučić - head of Zemun clan and all other creations that end with dot on Serbian mafia)

 I met every gangster in Serbia that existed since 1995. Each and everyone, but whole criminal underground was ran by head of the state Vućič who pre-planned for the sake of media every and each gangster arrest or liquidation(fake arrests and liquidations)Aleksandar Vučić and Dudik were both placed on test as per how efficient their crime is throughout Europe and got 

on occasion as homework job to abduct some Austrian or German(either from Vienna or Munich) on what one was demonstrated infront of me to Donald Trump during his visit to Serbia in 2008. Donald Trump went on to suggest Hollywood for this exact reason Serbia as the one cooperate with.

Godfather of Zoran Janković in Slovenia, however, as every Slovene knows Milan Kučan - both death threaten me with organised crime(Janković directly - Kučan only pointed out - signaled but never mentioned mafia at whatever Janković "explained" me) in case I wouldn't cooperate. 

Serbian state at disgust of Entire European Union as was repeatedly mentioned by some European politicians acts against criminals whenever those are detected from outside due to overwhelming damage, and even here stated doesn't go to waste as one that comes out as hero is their 3/4 insane mentor and financier Vućić 

This mobsters are like politicians modern days - now you see me now you don't...different faces tomorrow same old same crime of which roads still lead all to Belgrade in this case.

Aleksander Čeferin, Milan Kučan's son, Janković sons accesses business contracts through mafia threats - preko mafijskih groženj do poslov.

Vpletena direktno v Ruski kriminal nad mano preko Slovenije je zveza...

Slovenija je kamor je Putin uvozil preko pahorja že preko 5.000 Ruskih mafijcev(iz nule na preko pet tisoč v dveh desetletjih). Prišli so kjer so jih čakale ukradene Slovenskim zdravnikom ali gospodartstenikom pogodbe - dostikrat kar z kovčki denarja pokupovat luksuzne nepremičnine etc...

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