Monday, January 31, 2022

You Americans believed next to Putin and endless abuse performed on me, I would see myself in your lunacy(would due to endless abuse finally settle for one) - and you did ruined me 28 years of life

But I do not and Putin doesn't look better today when compared to 28 years case just demonstrates how low in treacherous backstabbing sense your Western culture(in contrast to values which you accent so highly) is willing to go to get goodies from what is otherwise referred to Americans in daily life as adversary/enemy. It just shows how worthless your US Constitution/bill of rights and legacy to United Nations in REALITY are...Governments from all over the globe even that aren't showing, however, took a very close note about who you are through this very case and one will leave black spot on your flag for as long as you exist as country as a nation - make no mistake about it.

@USA - You paid ultimate price for your PERVERSION(this is not even Orwellianism as the whole thing was ill minded perversion through which US government officials promoted division of country and world) and I am not anywhere near done with it.

You are mentally ill - sick. Your MK Ultra as you referred to my case as and demanded for me to see myself in your words is just whatever I stated above...illness indifferent from Stalin's purge all over Ukraine that left millions dead. 28 years - pride yourself on lies through torture that define you...

Beyond(you can bet on it) title about simulation, I didn't and wouldn't waste my time on it...there is too much shit I have seen and heard from when drugged up - too many mentally ill people I met and there is just too little time for me to spend one on aggravating myself further on "main stream" media mental illness - even police which guarded politicians feared your "journalists"...

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