Friday, January 28, 2022

Mother who rated me as mentally retarded yesterday due to car stolen from me by Hungarian government after I parked one at free parking lot in Budapest(its name of the parking also) and neighbor Andrej Uhl went to pick one up "for me" as she stated to Hungary in 2018, engaged in sexual encounters with Andrej Uhl for several years since 2002 or so - Doctor Igor Kotar(neighbor) knew all about it

 Andrej Uhl is English illiterate when compared to myself and his educational credentials or mental capabilities leave one in rank of mentally retarded group of people if compared to semi intellectual, but has his ways through environment which developed around one including police. His formal education is either two year shortened or max three years after grammar school. My mother's(she is 84 years old) formal education is 8 grades of grammar school and so its INSANELY FUNNY HOW SLOVENIAN PSYCHIATRY, police, and judicial system ON BEHALF OF BELGRADE HAVE RELIED ON SUCH OPTION AGAINST ME AND WHAT APPEARS EVEN MY ELDERLY FATHER.

Rather bizarre with what normal human being has to bother with in life...

Andrej Uhl stated me during this Robin Hood alike sexual escapades with my elderly mother in 2004, 2005 how eventually it will pay one off...ohhh, well. Okay then !!!

"MY cleaning lady" as Milan Kučan referred to one as while inciting her with Borut Pahor in violence...

Rather than to give me money to get car picked up from Budapest or help me get lawyer, mommy rushed to neighbor with $$$$ so he could practice English skills in Hungary...very nice.

Normal, not normal, normal not normal  not normal, normal not normal  <- till your joke is over and justice catches up with you.

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