Thursday, January 6, 2022

It was 2011 when Milan Kučan told me just as Miloševič did in 1999 how soon I will no longer see him that MY friend Borut Pahor is in hospital due to heart surgery

Just as was case with Miloševič, I couldn't hide happiness on Milan Kučan's dismay...I hope for the best concering my case as UDBA criminal Borut Pahor engaged in HEAVY DUTY crime against me anywhere from physical beatings to death threats(at times asking even infront me other officials if possible to get read of me) for already no less than 17 years. I saw nothing but satan(100% UDBA evil) in one from day 1 of our meeting.
That is 7 years after he burned his own car and claimed me have done to get me murdered with car plot - burned his Renault Laguna as a alibi to get read of me due to possible future suspicions.

Age when criminal wealthy boy(favorite - miljenček of Slovenian tsar Milan Kučan) suffered heart surgery was appears as 47 - 3 years younger than myself. Off course I was brought up inside of the hospital where he gave more life threats and got middle finger in his face - neighbor Berger Miroslav stepped up the ante against me by performing torture against me with total deprivation of sleep as he alone was heart patient till obtained same in his face and claimed everyone his audio or video recording on how I dislike heart patients - sworn on future retaliation against me via heart failure and truly nothing criminals didn't try just to fail time and again...year after year God had different plans...

I am proud to share honesty and pleased God allowed one to live long enough to face with his UDBA mentor a failure in the face of the nation and infront of entire world ,)

@Pahor/Kučan - May both of you rotten in jail. I hope will send you there with handcuffs on your wrists. Its not about regrets here, justice is that I demand.

Isto kot z Miloševičem 99 - veselja da je morilec v bolnici nisem mogel skriti. Skoraj da sem zahteval od Kučnana zdrogiran kolikor sem bil proslavo TAKOJ naj se priredi. imel je vse kar je poželel zahteval veliko preveč kot je zmogel in bil za pohlep kaznovan(mislil je da bo bol cool od vseh mišičnjakov na svetu - novi mister sveta) a Slovenec - čeprav si je srčno želel moje vdaje Kučanovemu nasilju - nikdar ni postal.

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