Thursday, October 8, 2020

@Slovenian employers

Don't bother with MK Ultra issues such as additional proofs as I do not need them more. You are welcome to salute me by recognizing my MK Ultra case as factual, expected foremost to treat me as equal employment searcher on job market to other unemployed workers who are in search for work, but under no circumstances to create additional obstacles as per more proofs are needed about my presence in Slovenia during stay in US and elsewhere abroad etc...employer Marin Biz(customer service for Telemach) responded earlier to my email as per having meeting arraigned in Ljubjana today - to be there within two hours or so...its like this - Telemach/Telekom Slovenije(owner of company or whoever) obtained leading technology in this sector via my case sometimes in 1998(prior to turning itself into private sector company Telemach) and was given to one by either British or Americans...Tomaž Anderson of Marin joined company few years after Borut Kramar who was one of the first if not first - have no clue who owner is, but Tomaž Anderson became his right hand two years latter or so as Marin company was born out of Telemach(ex employee established his own company according to my memory from MK Ultra).

The point here is I need employment - money to be exact so I can concentrate on my life and NO LONGER ON ENDLESS JOB SEARCH REFERRED TO AS "MK ULTRA PROOFS WHICH YOU WILL NEED" or even better "HE NEEDS" !!! Its employers like this all over Novo mesto, Celje, Maribor, and elsewhere in Slovenia(and in Croatia and in Ukraine and God knows where else) and I do not plan on interviewing for the rest of my life employers from entire Eastern Europe.

For above, I didn't even look not even map(and will not) nor saw person live or hear one over the phone get it !!???? These guys(Tomay and Borut etc.) are super nice yes. They really are and have done this to help, but I really really need job not job search.

I remembered what went on often times better than those involved in MK Ultra when in Czech rep. who have forgotten over time details....

NO MORE !!! ENOUGH !!! You would like to help - you are welcome to stop bye meet me, but don't drag me into infinity "JOB SEARCH".

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