Thursday, October 8, 2020

I am not going down even with Princess Beatrice because I have no business too

 Ed Sheehan was used to rehab somewhat what British royals deemed was totally ruined reputation of mine - public image they created out of my miserable life. Scam should serve according to Ed alone as a way to rehab my public standings. Nice scar, but no thanks - keep it. Related to

I will never ever forgive what you have done to me even even worse what you intended to do(think Japan).

@British Royals - I trust NONE of you. I trust those who spit in my eyes and hit me when drugged up knowing who they are, but will never ever trust you. Don't worry not your fold as I am citizen of US and not UK. It was US who handed me to you and Germans, so they did with me as pleased...nothing to worry.

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